Thursday, November 5, 2009

Remember, remember...

...the fifth of November.

I should remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot.

But I have a far more personal reason why the fifth of November should ever be forgot.

Like a concussion. Yes, another concussion, like the one I received before Grad Night. But this time, I was being catapulted into the air by five guys for a dance routine, was thrown incorrectly, then proceeded to land on my head and back. Loverly.

And so I lost some memory, went through the usual concussion-related issues, and ended up in ER. Again.
Emergency Room. Yay.
Hello from my gurney :D

It was strange though... throughout the entire day, I kept on replaying when I got hit in the head by the golf ball over and over. I couldn't get my mind off of the sensation of getting thwacked in the head, then this happened. Odd, eh?

In other news, it's somewhat fall-like here.
The trees and colors aren't all that exciting, but there is one good thing about living in the desert. When leaves fall, they dry up and get extremely crunchy - perfect for jumping on. Very satisfying.

One last little sidenote: getting a suit tailored is a good lesson in assertiveness and knowing what you want. You can ask for your pants to hemmed a little shorter than most for a single, clean break, and the tailor will ask if you're sure you want it like that. Just smile and nod, being sure of your decision. This process will repeat itself for every alteration different from the norm, but you cannot be swayed. Otherwise, you will get your suit back and be disappointed that it does not look exactly how you wanted it to.

Go in knowing how you want to look, and stick to it, I suppose.


Ash said...

You are so injury-prone, I swear.

Andrew said...

I'm only injury-prone when I do ridiculous things.