Thursday, May 19, 2011

I could get used to this.


Dockside chillin' in Massachusetts.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Second Skin - Finally washed.

6 months in

6 months in details copy


About 6 months in, one wash.

I finally gave in and washed the jeans a few weeks ago. They are no longer stinky (to the joy of my friends and other people whose beds I sit on) and have developed a much deeper range of blues and whites. They're a bit softer, a bit more faded, and much more comfortable. The stitching along the inseam continues to fall apart, but I'm not sure if this speaks to the craftsmanship of the jeans or normal wear and tear. In either case, I'm still quite satisfied with how these jeans have been working out these past few months. Beautiful fading, an extra layer of protection from all of my shenanigans, and pockets that aren't too deep. I noticed the other day that with my other jeans, I'm forced to swim around in its deep pockets to find my personal effects. These pockets are just the right size that things don't fall out, but are within easy reach.

Just a little over a week until I can switch over to summer pants, though. And boy, am I looking forward to that. Heavyweight denim isn't the best clothing option in this desert heat.

These jeans continue to amass a body of stories that they have been with me for. If only these jeans could talk.