Monday, November 30, 2009

Erase and Rewrite

So I had one of those moments where I was made aware of my mediocrity in the context of the world as a whole. Talked to the Photo professor to try to pass out of Intro Photo. He looked at my portfolio, laid down some harsh criticisms, and told me that my work would get me a B+ at best in his Intro class.

So I'll probably go back and relearn the basic of developing and printing, but at the same time I can learn more about concepts such as tonality, edge detail, composition, etc. Even something as simple as dodging and burning - I have some grasp of how powerful of a tool it is, but we only gave it a passing glance at South High.

I think this is for the better though, because even as I was looking through my portfolio, I couldn't help but feel incredibly dissatisfied with my photography. My body of work was a terrible representation of the vision that I have inside my head, but fail to bring into fruition. Maybe one day I can be happier with more of my pictures, which feel more like snapshots when I place them next to the work of superior photographers.

So now I'm going to try to clean up my photographic knowledge. Throw away the crap, bring old film techniques out of the dusty recesses of my mind, and set up a clean slate. Time to start from square one. Again.

But was I ever at square two?

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Bulbasaur Shin said...

Dude. I did that other day.
I looked through all my photos 'cause I wanted to put some up on my wall in my dorm.
They weren't as good as I remember them to be.
In fact.
They were pretty bad.
I think I might take a photo class too.