Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Second Skin

Initial Fit

A pair of jeans worn everyday for a year.

With that much wear and tear, they slowly take on the characteristics of the owner - specific patterns of fading that give little hints into one's lifestyle. A telltale rip here, a patch there... it's like painting one's life story on a rich, blue canvas.

I bought these jeans - Stantons from Rogue Territory in Los Angeles - with the intention of squeezing every last ounce of life out of them... clothes as an investment rather than a consumable, if you want to put it that way. There's an inherent charm to clothing that has "character" whether it was bought at some vintage store or found in a grandparent's closet. But I want my clothes to develop their own character. I'm young and all over the place. What better time to break in some raw denim and make them wholly my own?

These jeans will also serve as a sort of visual anchor amongst the changes that happen all around me. My immediate surroundings may shift, but these jeans will be a constant through it all - a reference point that will be with me everyday to help keep my sanity in check. Think of it like a totem from Inception, if you must.

And so I put on these jeans - this blank canvas that will be with me for many days. Time to beat these things to hell.

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