Monday, November 22, 2010

A Second Skin - Twelve days in.

Day 12

These jeans have been treating me very well since in the short time that I've had them. They're starting to break in nicely, with slight fading where I keep my cellphone and pocket notebook. The creases at the knees have set in and there's some slight fading at the sides of the knees. However, the stitching at the knee is a tiny bit loose and I seem to have worn through some of the stitching on the back pen pocket. But then, I wore these rock climbing so I don't think the craftsman is at fault here.

Whenever the indigo fades, it does so slowly through a progression of lighter shades of blue that creates a range of hues that I absolutely love. I'm going to have fun with these as time goes on.

I also realized that the back pen pocket serves well as a wand pocket for when I go watch Harry Potter. Success.

Also, the wonderful people over at Without a Box have been nice enough to help fund this project of mine, for which I'm incredibly grateful. Check out their shows for a good laugh, and to help other art students!

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