Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Second Skin - Details

Fit Details

I can't say enough good things about these jeans. Here are the important facts.

- Made in Downtown LA by Karl (he's pretty freaking cool, btw) -
- Manufactured from 14.5 oz raw selvage denim from Nihon Mills in Okayama, Japan -
- Dyed with shoaizome (natural Japanese indigo) -
- leather patch is locally sourced, then cut and branded by hand -
- They fit amazingly -

and these jeans are filled with details. It's actually ridiculous.
- hand silk-screened pocket bag
- Hidden pen pocket in right back pocket
- Back pockets are half-lined in heavyweight canvas
- Selvage on fly and coin pocket
-Hand stitched detailing on back pocket
- Custom branded buttons and rivets

There are so many little touches that can only be found upon close inspection, almost all of which serve the purpose of adding to the overall construction and aesthetics of a superior pair of jeans. So I get to support the production of handmade, artisanal goods. I get to buy local. And I get to walk away with the best jeans I've ever owned. Win.

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