Monday, January 18, 2010

Just keep swimming...

Disney Sea. Hands-down the most aesthetically pleasing Disney park that I've ever seen. I can't say much for the excitement factor of the rides, but the facades are unmatched in the Disney park pantheon.

Mt. Prometheus - Day and Night
The centerpiece of the park is Mt. Prometheus, a massive volcano that overlooks the entire park. At night, it periodically "erupts" in a show of fireworks and flames and is quite amusing to watch. I mean, when are pyrotechnics ever not amusing?

Disney also did a nice job of recreating Venice (with gondolas and all). Mind you, the Disney version is also probably significantly cleaner than the actual city. And want to hear something fun? Ride the gondolas and take in Japanese gondoliers singing Italian songs in thick asian accents.

The park's nighttime entertainment is similarly top-notch. BraviSEAmo! is a tale of a spirit of fire and a spirit of water and their quest to be together despite their differences. Flames, water jets, colorful lights, and beautiful music. What's there not to enjoy? This particular beast is the spirit of fire, a massive metal phoenix that sets the entire center of the park alight. This picture fails to do the show even a bit of justice, sadly.

And I'm just sticking this here to annoy Emi. Although, it was nice to have some company in Japan.

I really have to go back and try some Sea Salt ice cream, though. KH II fanboys, rejoice. But anyways, that park is just a bastion of eye candy. And best of all, their merchandise is significantly awesomer than the crap in the states (Chip and Dale onesie, anyone?)

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