Monday, January 25, 2010

A camera clicks from the other side of the ocean.

It makes itself seen here.

While wandering through the palaces of Seoul, I looked down to see this little bit of prettiness.
A sea of snow
I couldn't help but to be reminded of waves receding from a shore, except the shore's frozen over. Actually, I'm not quite sure why I took this picture. But I like it. (It could have to do with the fact that I didn't take a single picture at the palaces that was worth a damn)

Walk through a subway station in the dead of night, and it can get a little bit creepy. Lights flickering, not a soul in sight, with only the occasional screech of a train to break the silence.
Creepy, creepy
And with this, I add another shot to the many, many hallway pictures that I've taken. I haven't gotten sick of them yet.


I met up with my friend Min while in Seoul, which was nice to see an old friend while on another continent. After a hearty dinner of Korean bbq, we visited some cutesy little cafe for some fondue :D
ManjuChurro Fondue :D
You drop the little disks of dark chocolate into the small cup, where the candle beneath it melts it down do a rich, creamy consistency. Dip some churros, poundcake, and fruit into the dark chocolate, and life is good. Afterwards, pour some steamed milk into the leftover chocolate, mix it up, and enjoy a nice dessert to your dessert.

We then proceeded to meander around Seoul on an epic bar crawl, imbibing our way across the city. While there were some fun ones here and there (and ever order a cheese plate at a dive bar), my favorite by far was Moon Glow.
Moon Glow
You walk down a flight of steps in a quiet little street, greeted by hazy air, dim lights, and some sweet jazz. This place could've come straight out of a movie. The bar is run by Shin Kwan-Woong (on the piano) who is quite renowned in the Korean jazz scene, from what I was told. He's a part of the first generation of Korean jazz, and he has the skills to go with the title. He never watches his hands - his eyes are closed, with his head turned slightly so that his ear is the closest thing to the keys. He'll occasionally look off thoughtfully, as if staring at a distant mountain. You can just see him feel the music. While the rest of the guest band was wearing tees and jeans, he was still decked out in his black suit. The man was the boss, and there was no denying it.

If there's only one thing I can see in Seoul for the rest of my life, Moon Glow's the place.

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