Monday, October 19, 2009

Pleasantly Exciting

I had the privilege of watching a free show of Ernie Watts Jazz Quartet this past Friday. Just like when I saw them at the Jazz Bakery, I was taken on an emotional roller coaster, pulled through the highs and lows of sax solos, cedar flutes, and one sick bassist.
Ernie Watts Jazz QuartetErnie Watts Jazz Quartet

Check it out.

What else has been going on? A day trip to L.A., including a stop at Phillipe's for some lemonade and a Danish.
Yum. Danish.

Quite refreshing.
Best 75 cent lemonade ever.

Next, lunch at Cafe Angelino over by the Beverly Center for a lunch filled with fresh ingredients, friendly service, and delicious bread.

Caprisi salad
Cafe Angelino

And Margherita Pizza with Prosciutto
Cafe Angelino

To top things off... a celebration of Fall!

Pumpkinbread cupcakes baked by Hannah...
Pumpkinbread cupcakes

A splattering of pumpkin guts

and the finished products.

Absolutely lovely.


Jeff Fellows said...

wow those pumpkins are awesome.

greg jones said...

damn... whenever i carve a pumpkin it looks the same as they did when i made them in the second grade... those are legit!