Sunday, October 11, 2009

Inspired, perhaps?

Just got back from the 2009 SCNF Naginata Seminar and whatnot. Didn't do as well in the taikai as I would've hoped, but at least I got my nidan.

Regardless of my physical performance, at least I took some pretty pictures. Definitely some of my favorite naginata pictures that I've taken.

These ugly things have protected my hands and wrists for years. They've been good to me.
Smells bad.

I had an obsession with taking this style of shot over the weekend. Strange.

Soooo this is Yamauchi-sensei. She's older and smaller than me, but still manages to beat pretty much everyone in the country, if not most of the world. Kinda like Yoda.
"You are nidan now! Do not (insert bad habit here)!"

I greatly enjoy shooting wide open.

My teacher and mentor, Kevin Saxton. Bamf.
Jodan no kamae
"I'm training you hard because the rest of the world won't be easy"

And my favorite picture of the weekend. Simple and clean.

Dunno if this will suit anyone's fancy, but I sure enjoyed taking these pictures.

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Will said...

That last shot is great.