Friday, February 25, 2011

A Second Skin - Between three and four months in.

Random update

Random Update
Jeans - Rogue Territory Stantons, Turtleneck - Uniqlo, Boots - Lands End Canvas

I've been wearing these jeans particularly hard these past few weeks. As I'm coming up on four months, a date that I've arbitrarily set as some sort of landmark, I felt the need to get these jeans to really start showing some wear. So I dragged them through hell and I think they've come out the better from it.

It's still a bit funny for me to have these as my visual anchor through this crazy thing that we call college. Everything around me, as well as myself, is changing so rapidly. And yet, every morning I go through the same motions of putting on my jeans, shoving my notebook in my back pocket and my cellphone in the front, and going about my day. The world around me shifts and moves, and my morning routine stays the same. These Stantons are sort of helping to keep my feet on the ground as my mind slowly wanders away to... somewhere or other.

Existential crisis aside, these are still a damn well-made pair of jeans. The material and stitching are holding up well, the indigo is fading through beautiful shades of blue rather than going straight to brown/white like APCs tend to do.

Although, I'm pretty sure the whole "no washing" thing is starting to make people uncomfortable. Heh.


Reginald said...

Hey man, I was just wondering how did you size on these jeans? They have a nice slim fit.

Photography said...

I went down one size (28, instead of my usual 29) and the jeans already had a fairly slim fit to begin with.