Thursday, September 9, 2010

Battered and bruised.

Just competed in the 12th United States Naginata Federation Championship this past weekend. That all worked out surprisingly well. You see, I had been training for this tournament since I was twelve, so for this thing to finally happen was a bit scary. But in the end, I didn't choke up like I thought I might. On the contrary, I seemed to have had a damn good weekend.

USNF Championships
First place in engi.

USNF Championships
Second place in Individuals.

USNF Championships
and first place in Team Matches. Yeah So Cal!

So yeah... things went pretty well. Met some amazing individuals at the tournament, had my eyes opened to the greater world of Naginata as a whole, was pushed to my limits and then some, and a bunch of other fun stuff in between.

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Mikie said...

SO proud of you.