Saturday, July 31, 2010

Warm and fuzzy


The Story's in the Seams - Part Three

I love when people put details into their work, whether it be in their writing, food, clothing, or whatever they create. To me it shows an extra layer of depth - visible proof that thought and effort was put into the work.

EVER does just that with their apparel, placing a pair of earplugs on the hang tag to put in and tune the world out when the need arises, and an old Kodachrome slide into the pocket of each of their jackets. The slides are from all over; just by looking through the stacks of them, I've been whisked away to China, Japan, Italy, and other distant locales.

Their apparel is also incredibly durable. I've dragged their jackets through Ecuador and Indonesia, as well as the day-to-day of my life without much sign of color loss, fraying, shrinkage, or any of the signs of lower quality jackets. They truly make clothes that I can live in.

Oh, and the jacket's lined with sherpa, a very warm and fuzzy material, hence the title.

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