Sunday, June 20, 2010

This little light of mine


After exploring the entirety of Balboa and Balboa Island, I found it funny that the most enjoyable part of the trip was at a store called CandlEssence, makers of handcrafted scented candles. We hung around in the store for a good, long while, talking to the owner and learning all about burning candles (which there is more to than I ever could have imagined). We were lucky enough to watch her make some candles on the spot. While I'm not a particular fan of scented candles (I couldn't care less about them, to be completely honest), I did greatly enjoy seeing a craftsperson practicing their passion. She also managed to create the most masculine scented candle possible, despite that statement being one giant contradiction - leather scent.

Her wax-covered tools and worn equipment showed years of use - a sort of beauty that cannot be bought, but only earned with time.


On a completely separate note, her dog Oliver had the lovable habit of falling asleep on top of one's feet.


The entire time we spoke to her, I felt welcomed to the island, and could easily see how the place developed into such a tightly-knit community.

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