Friday, February 19, 2010

Photo dump

Some random moments from my days here at Pomona College.

Piano Man
I meandered into Walker Lounge when I had the luck of catching Sam Holtenhoff practicing on the piano. He played me a bit of Yann Tiersen's "Comptine D'un Autre Été, L'après-Midi," which I far from minded listening to.
It's these little moments that make me sincerely happy to be here.

sit and think
I watched this man as I was taking pictures of Edwidge Danticat, who was explaining
the plight of her people. She also brought up the good point that contemporary works on Haiti
instantly became historical after the earthquake destroyed much of Port au Prince.
Suddenly, the restaurant written about in someone's novel is a thing of the past,
and exists only in photographs and memories. It can truly be said that nothing lasts.
But anyways, she deserves an entire post of her own. I was however, incredibly
intrigued by this man. I felt like he would have lots of interesting stories to tell...

Gray Davis
On February 16th, former Governor of California Gray Davis came to Pomona to speak
about problems in this state. She question raised was "is California simply ungovernable?"
It was interesting to hear him speak as he was no longer bound by his constituents to say merely
the "right" things. He could truly speak his mind and think nothing of it.

Red Velvet Cake
And simply because I haven't posted a food picture in a while, here you go. Red Velvet Cake.
It was an interesting accompaniment to the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, and quite moist.

I'm amused and annoyed by how this post has no common thread, consistency, or anything of the sort.
But then, I suppose that's why I named it "photo dump."

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